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MCC (My Client Center)


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An MCC, or My Client Center, account in Google Ads is a powerful tool for managing multiple Google Ads accounts. Think of it as a central dashboard that allows you to view and control various client accounts from one place. It's especially useful for agencies or individuals overseeing numerous campaigns for different clients. With an MCC account, you can efficiently navigate between accounts, aggregate data, set up consolidated billing, and apply changes across accounts. This streamlines workflow and enhances efficiency, making it easier to manage large-scale or multiple advertising campaigns without needing to log into each account separately.

Who is an MCC account aimed at?

As mentioned about, an MCC account is primarily aimed at marketing professionals and/or agencies who manage Google Ads campaigns for multiple clients or simply have a lot of brands that they want the convenience of managing them in one place. It's especially useful for:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies - They traditionally handle various clients, each with their own distinct Google Ads accounts. An MCC helps manage all these accounts under one umbrella by linking the individual client accounts.

  • Freelancers and Consultants - Those who provide digital marketing services to several clients can use an MCC to streamline account management.

  • Large Businesses with Multiple Departments - Companies with different departments or divisions running separate Google Ads campaigns can centralise their management.

  • Third-Party Vendors - Entities that manage Google Ads on behalf of other businesses can utilise an MCC for efficiency.

Can anyone setup an MCC?

Yes, anyone can set up an MCC account in Google Ads, as long as they meet the basic requirements, which are fairly straight forward.

What do you need to setup an MCC?

To set up an MCC account, you'll need to have a Google account. If you're already managing a Google Ads account, you can use the same Google account to create your MCC. The process involves visiting the Google Ads MCC page, signing in with your Google account, and following the setup instructions.

To create your own MCC account, you can do so here.

Yes, you can link multiple MCC accounts together. This capability is particularly useful for larger organizations or agencies that need a hierarchical structure to manage a vast array of client accounts across different teams or departments. Here's some of the benefits:

  • Hierarchical Structure - You can set up a tiered system where a 'parent' MCC account oversees several 'child' MCC accounts. Each child MCC can manage its own set of Google Ads accounts.

  • Access & Management - The parent MCC account gains visibility over all linked child MCC accounts, allowing for streamlined management and reporting across multiple levels.

  • Consolidated Billing - It also simplifies billing processes, as the parent MCC can manage billing for all linked accounts.

Bare in mind that in order to link MCC accounts, you will need administrative access to the accounts you want to link. The process involves sending an invitation FROM the parent MCC to the child MCCs, which then will need to accept the invitation to establish the link.