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GBRAID stands for Google's Best Representation of Audience ID and is a tool used in Google Ads to optimise targeting and ad delivery. It helps advertisers reach their most relevant audience by analysing user data like search history, site visits, and app usage. GBRAID enables more effective ad campaigns by identifying and grouping users based on their interests and behaviours, making ad content more personalised and engaging. This leads to better campaign performance, as ads are shown to people more likely to be interested in the product or service, thus improving the efficiency of advertising spend.

Do I have to enable GBRAID?

No, it's not a feature you turn on or off explicitly; rather, it's integrated into how Google manages audience data for targeting. Therefore, focusing on setting up your audience targeting effectively is key to leveraging GBRAID.

GBRAID is usually enabled / utilised when selecting from various audience options provided by Google, including interest-based, demographic, and remarketing lists and by opting for automated targeting options where Google uses its algorithms (including GBRAID) to find the best audience for your ads.